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I can’t remember a time stories weren’t the loves of my life. 


As a kid I devoured bookshelves. Flashlight in hand, I'd read under the covers until all hours of the night. My grandmother’s old nightgown became the finest eveningwear, my bed a raft traveling to new worlds. During the day, I’d listen for stories everywhere I went…in the people I encountered…the places I’d visit, imagining all the lives who’d left their fingerprints there. I learned to look for the connections, the structure, the parts of the story previously left out on the margins.


Years later, I’m still listening, searching the margins, finding the structure, playing with myth and magic, and collaborating with others to do the same. Our stories have the power to shape how we think, how we vote, how we express ourselves and understand others, how we relate to our planet, face our past, imagine new possibilities for our future, process pain and loss, or pass on what is meaningful, and beautiful, and true. 


So grab a flashlight. Grab a nightgown. Grab a pen. Let’s tell a story.


A new musical

Composers: Sean Mahoney, Liz Filios


As World War II shakes the nation, sisters Beth and Frankie journey to Sweetwater, Texas, where they join with women from across the country to fly for the US Army Air Forces. Though they master 77 types of planes and become among the first to test the new B-29 bomber, these women know all too well they risk their lives every day without the benefit of military status. When one of their own loses her life, Frankie, Beth, and the others must decide how to serve a country that needs their skills but refuses to fully acknowledge their sacrifice – and how to fight for the sisters they have found in the process.


From the fringes of the history books, Sweetwater brings the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and their fight for recognition center stage in a story of duty, love, and the joys and costs that come with being female pioneers.

Silver WingsJulia Johanos
00:00 / 03:52

The Adventures of Ara
An animated musical adventure
Composer: Will Healy
Illustrator: Meg Lemieur
A musical adventure set in the world of music itself, The Adventures of Ara brings to life the story of Ara, a girl born on the dreary Key of D Flat, where the Sharps and Flats have been at odds for as long as anyone can remember -- and have long since forgotten how to sing or  hear in any key but their own. Though she grows up believing hers is the only Key out there, when Ara and her friends follow some strange sounds right off the edge of D Flat, they discover that the Land of Keys is bigger, richer, and far more dangerous and exciting than they could have imagined -- sending them on a journey to bring music and new life back to their Key at last.

The Sounds from the EdgeWill Healy
00:00 / 00:22

Learning How to Drown

A new musical

Composer - Amanda Jacobs


A multi-generational love story inspired by the Irish myth of the Selkies (seals who can shed their skin and become human) and shaped by the traditions of Irish music and drama. Learning How to Drown is equal parts funny and heartbreaking as it follows the intertwined lives of three generations of women and unfolds a love story for a world that has stopped believing, asking: just how powerful are the stories we live by?

Selkie BloodDonna Lynne Champlin
00:00 / 03:48

Defenders of the Wild

A new strategy game

Illustrators – Tim Simons, Meg Lemieur

Out of Order Games


War has come to the Wild. For millennia, Animals have weathered shifting alliances and the constant turn of the seasons---but they’ve never faced an enemy like this. A monstrous army of Machines powered by a corrupted magic has invaded, intent on exploiting the warmth of the world and enclosing everything in its path. From each habitat, scrappy crews of Defenders rise up to fight back--yet struggle to agree on the tactics. The Defenders belong to one of four factions, all determined to resist the Machines their own way: the Council with its power and engineering, the Order with its ancient wisdom, the Sect with its ingenious innovations, and the Coven with its spells and subterfuge. Can the Defenders band together to heal the land and outsmart a seemingly impossible enemy? Or will the world succumb to an endless Industrial Winter? It’s up to you and your crew to decide.

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